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Develop Your OWN BRAND Product at GDK COSMETICS!

1 Would you like to develop differentiated products that are in line or ahead of recent trends? Contact GDK at any time.
In addition to the highly experienced Domestic Sales Marketing Department. GDK has a dedicated Overseas Team to cater to many international brands as they are equipped with keen sense of competitive landscape and immediate knowledge of in-market product innovation and new claims.


Tel : +82(0)32-815-1057

Fax : +82(0)2-2039-8157


Tel : +82(0)32-815-1057

Fax : +82(0)2-2039-8157

2 For concept development and ideation, would you like to consult with the person in charge?
Product Strategy & Development Team
GDK specializes in product concept development and ideation, brand development, packaging, costing, logistics, and time management. With the combined experience of over 100 years, GDK comprises of full-service, experienced, cohesive team of product developers and marketer to cover most beauty categories in all continents.
3 You have decided on products or concepts which will be the best sellers in the near future. What should I do if I do not have the formulation experience?
R&D Center
GDK's R&D team is highly renowned within the global cosmetic communities as they are high level scientist and theological formula specialists to provide industry leading formulation. We have a "One Firm. One Formulation" policy. Moreover, GDK is in collaboration with Nuvesse (USA) for Cellulation Technology™, KRIBB (Korean Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology), BioSensor Lab (Korea), and etc. Our researchers are always ready for your ideal cosmetic products and samples for your review.
4 I am in need for product package development or enhancement. Do you have design and packaging specialist?
Design Team
Specialists will provide full-service turnkey programs, international and domestic sourcing, and custom design & tooling.
5 I am happy with the cosmetic contents that GDK has developed. Where do we go from here?
Manufacturing Department
We will procure the ingredients and other raw materials with purchasing power. It will then be manufactured at our facilities which is a state of the art, full service, CGMP compliant, ISO 22716 and 9001 compliant manufacturing plant. Our expertise in procurement and manufacturing is unsurpassed, backed by years of experience and CGMP and CMO mentality.
6 I am happy with design and packaging. What is next?
Design Team
We will source, coordinate, and provide the innovative, eye-catching, and cost-effective design and packaging.
7 Where do you do product filling and packaging?
Filling & Packaging Department
We have CGMP facilities and CMO mentality. Fingerprint-free, automated, high speed filling for mask products and other products are available at our own premise.
8 I am very conscious about quality. Can GDK help?

Quality Assurance Department
GDK's QA Department is fully staffed with qualified inspectors of both packaging components and finished goods products. GDK aims for quality, consistency, and safety, by adhering to our own demanding set of quality standards all throughout the process.
They enforce regulatory practices to ensure compliancy within the global regulatory environment.

With this 8-step process,
your final products will be safely shipped from GDK